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Uniplate’s Future Focus: A Look into the Upcoming Year

Whilst we prepare for the Christmas festivities and some much-needed downtime we are also looking forward to an exciting year ahead, that will see lots of changes and improvements. We have exciting new investments taking place internally that will allow us to offer a much wider range of thermal and laser printers, and acrylic products,…
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A Guide to Made Up Number Plates

Made up number plates are a service Uniplate offers for businesses and members of the public who wish to upgrade or replace their vehicle’s number plates. For businesses, it is a handy way of outsourcing work that they have no interest in taking on for themselves and can rest assured that the registration plates will…
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Are 4D Plates Illegal?

About Us… Number plates are a legal requirement for any vehicle in the UK, and there are strict regulations surrounding their design and display. However, in recent years, a new type of number plate has emerged, known as a 4D plate. These number plates have become increasingly popular among car owners who want to give…
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Number Plate Printers – Which Type do you Buy?

About Us… According to government data, annual registrations in the United Kingdom across all vehicle types averaged 2.88 million a year in the seven years from 2015 to 2021. That is a lot of number plates. Understandably, many showrooms and garages are now looking to create number plate printers on-site rather than ordering them in,…
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How to buy a Number Plate

Number plates have been required by law since 1904. While legal changes to number plates have altered throughout the years, elements such as the number plate spacings and the avenues for buying plates have ultimately stayed the same. At Uniplate, there are multiple ways to buy a number plate that we have outlined below. Vintage…
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What Are the Number Plate Spacing Laws?

About Us… Number plate spacing Number plates in the UK have followed a strict format since 1901. The change came about when the combination of characters in the previous format had become completely saturated, and there was no more space for new vehicles to be made with different plates. The new format of number plates…
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What to Focus on When Buying Number Plate Equipment

A number plate is one of the most important components of a car or motorbike that allow it to be road-legal. Throughout 2021, there was a 5% rise in the number of new vehicle registrations in the UK and a major shift in fuel types, with a record high of electric vehicles on the road.…
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A Guide to Vintage Number Plates

About Us… Classic cars, with their vintage number plates are a symbol of power and status. They’re so shiny that it’s hard to look away, even when you know there is more than meets the eye behind these machines. The beauty lies in how timeless they seem. And with prices reaching seven figures nowadays, those…
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What Equipment is Needed to Make a Number Plate?

About Us… Number plates are an essential component of any motor vehicle because they can help to identify the owner in case there is ever a breach or accident. They have been required by law since 1903, with regards to The Motor Car Act (1903). The original number plate had one letter/two letters plus various…
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The Necessary Components to Make a Number Plate

About Us… Number plates were introduced as a legal requirement in the UK in 1903. Number plates contain a series of specific characters and components designed to help authorities identify a vehicle if it is involved in an accident or criminal activity. Number plates can provide users with lots of information about a vehicle, such…
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