Number plate Laminators

Number plate laminators are required to bond wet-faced PMMA acrylic to dry reflective sheeting and vice versa.

This is an integral piece of equipment when it comes to printing and making your own custom number plates, and we provide only the best solutions to complement your production set-up.

Quality laminators

Uniplate offers a range of both manual and motorised laminators, all designed for fast accurate lamination and quality results. Our selection of number plate laminators ensures that we have something to meet your business needs.

Our range of laminators includes:

  • Our sturdy manual roller, which is hard-wearing and built to last
  • Our manual roller with digit rack and measuring boards, ideal for customers who prefer to do things by hand
  • Our motorised laminators, which are exclusive to Uniplate, are perfect for higher volume and speedy number plate production

For more information on any of our number plate laminators, please complete the enquiry form below or call our sales team.

Uniplates Orange Number Plate Laminator
Uniplates Orange Number Plate Laminator

Key Features on Our Number plate Laminators

All of our laminators and equipment are quality tested and must pass every standard safety test before being shipped. We also make sure that all laminators are fully set up in-house before they are supplied, ensuring there is no extra work for you when they are delivered.

  • Suitable for all plate sizes
  • Adjustable rollers
  • Hard-wearing metal build

Our laminators can be supplied individually or as part of our equipment bundles depending on your current set-up and requirements.

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