Number Plate Printing Software

The Uniplate Number Plate Printing Software (NPPS) is a unique piece of software developed exclusively for our customers to easily create and print number plates. Our software is fully compatible with all Uniplate number plate printing systems and works with all Windows Operating computers.

We’ve designed our software to allow for straightforward customisation and various other options that will improve the efficiency of your production process.

Our Number Plate Software's Key features

The main features of the software include:

  • Multiple predefined sizes for all plate types
  • Straightforward interface with easy set up and installation process
  • Custom size functionality to create or modify your plates
  • Importable company logos function for brand integration
  • Flagged media offsetting
  • Full audit database for collecting customer details
  • Secure access for improved online safety
  • Conformity with BSAU 145e legislation
  • Free updates with any legislation changes

Our Uniplate Number Plate Printing Software is available with all of our printers and equipment bundles with no monthly costs or annual fees. This easy to use and straightforward software is also included in the price of every bundle, offering a more cost-effective solution.

All software updates will keep you in line with any legislation changes via our free updates. To use this software for free, all that is required is to purchase all necessary number plate printing components directly through Uniplate.

Uniplates Bespoke Number Plate Software
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To learn more about our simple and exclusive Uniplate software, make sure to ask about it when placing your equipment enquiry via the form below or call the sales team direct on 01827 310 000.


The software is easy to use for users of any ability to operate. With a step-by-step guide to follow, making your number plate design is just one click away!

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