Pressed Aluminium Blanks

For those wanting to create a new look for classic or vintage cars, try an aluminium number plate! At Uniplate, we provide reflective or black and silver pressing blanks designed to produce pressed aluminium number plates for your business in-house.

Popular with restoration companies and motor factors, aluminium number plates provide a niche number plate option that companies like to be able to offer to their customers.

Aluminium plates by law

Black and silver aluminium number plates are the most popular with vintage or classic cars. It is required by law that these vehicles must be more than 40 years old to be fitted with this type of number plate. However, there are no restrictions on the pressed reflective option.

We offer our aluminium blanks in both oblong and square options to fit on any classic car model. These number plates also require a manual pressing jig.

Pressed aluminium reflective plates are also required to hold the registered name and postcode of the seller. At Uniplate we are able to provide the reflective aluminium blanks with this information already printed if required.

Uniplates range of Pressed Aluminium Number Plates
Black & Silver Aluminium Number Plates with Uniplate written on them | Vintage Number Plates

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At Uniplate, we also offer pressed aluminium number plates as a made-up solution, please visit our made-up plates page for further information.

Please do not hesitate to complete the enquiry form below for more information on our aluminium number plates or pressing blanks, or feel free to contact our helpful sales team directly on 01827 310 000.


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