4D Number Plates

Our 4D number plates stand out – literally! 

At Uniplate, we offer high-quality 4D number plates that are produced in line with the BSAU 145e standard. The construction process for a 4D plate is straightforward to implement into your business’ production line. We manufacture our 4D number plates with a PMMA high-impact acrylic and Oralite reflective sheeting, before applying the high gloss, laser-cut 4D digits.

Legislation of 4D Plates

4D plates have become a very popular style of number plate since the legislation came into force in September 2021, with a set of new technical standards. 4D number plates are now road legal, as long as they meet the standards set in place for the other specifications and restrictions outlined by the DVLA. 

This includes but is not limited to: 

  • Character width 
  • Character height  
  • Letter spacing 
  • Size 
  • Colour of characters and plates 
  • Materials used 

We ensure that all the 4D plates we manufacture strictly adhere to these specifications and that they are made of the strongest materials. At Uniplate, we offer 4D number plates in any size and shape and can also produce number plates in flagged or eco variations.  

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Sample 4D Plate on Blue Citroen C1

4D and Uniplate

It’s important to note that it’s a legal requirement to print the vehicle’s registration beneath the acrylic letters so that if a letter came loose, the vehicle owner would still have a valid registration.

If you’re a number plate supplier, you can purchase made up 4D number plates or the individual components needed to produce them, by visiting our components page for more information.

All components used that we stock are sold to perfectly match our Uniplate software, which is designed for accurate application and alignment. Please use the button below or call our expert sales team to discuss your requirements.

To purchase made up 4D number plates for your own personal vehicle, please contact the sales office directly or pay us a visit.

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The Types of Number Plates we Offer

At Uniplate, we provide a wide range of number plates in different styles and shapes – all to suit your specific requirements. Our number plates are hand-finished to ensure the highest quality. We provide a wide range of standard number plates, 4D plates, shaped, lipped and even embossed aluminium variations. We can also add a flag to your number plates if needed.

Our made up plates are made with the highest grade PMMA acrylic, which are designed to your individual requirements. Read More…

The showroom plates we provide come with an array of design options, making them unique to your business and adding a professional touch. Discover more here…

Aluminium number plates are only available in two styles: pressed reflective or black and silver, which are only available to vehicles that are at least 40 years old. Find out more here…

Our Range of Made Up Number Plate Sizes


Yes, 4D plates are now road-legal since new legislation came into force in September 2021, with a set of new technical standards. They must remain in accordance with BSAU 145e standards.

4D number plates are made by applying black gloss acrylic chacaters over the top of our PMMA laser-cut acrylic.

They are extremely durable and made to be resistant to harsh weather conditions.