The Different Types of number plates  

At Uniplate, we offer many types of number plates, and Printing Solutions including 4D number plates, showroom number plates, acrylic number plates, aluminium pressing blanks, green number plates and custom, personalised number plates. Read on to find out more about each type of number plate.

4D number plates

4D number plates are now a popular choice for many vehicle owners, as they offer more features than traditional types of number plates. 4D number plates are the newest addition to number plate design, acting as an upgrade from 3D plates since legislation changes. These plates are made from acrylic sheets and consist of expertly laser-cut characters.

This makes the characters stand out for a more impressive look. It also gives the 4D plates a more personal feel for something a bit more unique to the owner.

Are 4D number plates legal?

Since the legislation came into force in September 2021, with a set of new technical standards, 4D number plates are now road legal. Making them a new option when considering the types of number plates you can use on your vehicle.

A Range of Sample 4D Plates
Showroom Number Plates with your Logo on

Showroom number plates

Showroom Number Plates are another of our types of number plates, also known as dealer plates because they are used by many car dealerships to display text about the vehicle model or company logo.

The car showroom is often the first point of contact that customers will have with your brand and a professional atmosphere leaves a good impression that’s more likely to result in sales. Small details like presenting information neatly on showroom plates can make all the difference.

Are showroom plates legal?

Although they are useful on a commercial level, showroom plates are not legal for road use, as they do not comply with the DVLA standards. Driving a vehicle displaying showroom plates is a suitable reason for police to pull you over and issue a fine.

Moreover, you cannot pass an MOT test with these plates, because they are not road legal.

Acrylic number plates

Acrylic Number Plates are made in all standard sizes, with high-quality screen-printed acrylic and lipped variants available for motorcycles, in addition to the standard oblong shape. All our acrylic number plates conform to the correct BSAU 145e standards.

Clear Acrylic Number Plates
Uniplates range of Pressed Aluminium Number Plates

Aluminium pressing blanks

The fourth of our six types of number plates are aluminium pressing blanks. Aluminium Pressing Blanks number plates are great for those wanting to create a classic, vintage look for their cars.

Black and silver aluminium number plates are the most common and most popular option for vintage and classic cars.

However, by law, vehicles with aluminium number plates must be over 40 years old. Aluminium number plates only come in oblong and square formats to fit vintage cars.

Green number plates

Global efforts towards sustainability and the reduction of harmful emissions have increased over the past few years, with more companies becoming eco-friendly, especially with the increase of electric vehicles.

The electric vehicle market is projected to grow over the next few years, with 1.1% of newly registered vehicles being electric.

The introduction of these new types of number plates (green number plates) is used to educate other road users and encourage cleaner travel. They can be identified by the green badge on the side of the number plate and can only be fitted to vehicles that produce zero exhaust emissions.

Green number plates are instrumental in assisting local authorities with designing and implementing new policies to benefit electric car drivers. A number of schemes are currently being considered, which will solely benefit green number plate holders.

Made-up plates

Made-up Number Plates can be customised in accordance with your individual requirements.

Yellow and White Made up Plates with Uniplate written on them

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