What Equipment Is Needed To Make a Number Plate?

Number plates are an essential component of any motor vehicle because they can help to identify the owner in case there is ever a breach or accident. They have been required by law since 1903, with regards to the Motor Car Act (1903). The original number plates had either one or two letters plus a random number between 1-9999.

Today, number plates can be personalised and created bespoke to anyone or to any business. At Uniplate, we supply all the necessary equipment to make and print your own number plates. This blog highlights all our available equipment to create your very own plates.

The Essential Equipment Needed:

Number Plate Laminator

When making your own custom number plate, laminators are an integral piece of equipment. With the laminator machine, they are required to bond wet-faced PMMA acrylic to dry reflective sheeting.

Our number plate laminators are designed to meet your business needs. With a range of both manual and motorised laminators, we ensure that you will find the perfect option for your business needs. We also offer an array of laminators that include:

  • Our manual roller is designed to be sturdy and built to last.
  • Our manual roller with a digit rack and measuring board is the perfect choice for those who enjoy doing things by hand.
  • Our motorised laminators are exclusive to Uniplate and allow for higher volume and speedier plate production.
Uniplates Orange Number Plate Laminator
Uniplates Number Plate Printer | GoDEX HD830i Thermal Printer

Number Plate Printers

The number plate printer is an essential tool for any business looking to manufacture their own customised plates. Our printers enable you to manufacture your own custom plate in different shapes and sizes. The printers also increase production flow, allowing the user to manufacture plates at a faster rate.

Our 4” thermal printer provides a simple, user-friendly solution to making BSAU-compliant number plates. The 4” thermal printer can vary from single panel feeds to a roll feed system for higher volumes.

At Uniplate, we also offer larger thermal 8” printers that give the user the ability to make all shapes and sizes from a singular unit.

Our laser printers are perfect for motorcycle garages and showroom dealers, but they also make an excellent addition to any 4" thermal printer set-up. This means that you can easily print oblong number plates as well square ones simultaneously.

Number Plate Printing Software

We offer a unique piece of software developed for our customers. This software allows you to create and print number plates on compatible Uniplate printing systems as well as all types of Windows computers. Our software has been designed to be straightforward, and other options will improve the efficiency of the production process.

Uniplates Bespoke Number Plate Software
Number Plate Components


When picking the necessary components for your number plate creation, consumables are an important factor. We carry an extensive selection of toners and ribbons compatible with various printing systems, including our exclusive line of printers.

Our commitment to quality is reflected in our offering only genuine products, guaranteeing optimal print quality, equipment safety and the longevity of both your equipment and printed materials.


If you are looking to purchase a new number plate from the UK’s leading specialist or have any further questions regarding our various equipment options, then please do not hesitate to get in touch! Our team would love to hear from you and are always happy to help.