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Our expertise at Uniplate encompasses everything that’s needed to create a premium number plate. Whether you’re looking for acrylics, reflective sheeting, fixings or aluminium blanks, we stock everything necessary. 

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As the UK’s leading specialist in high-quality number plates, we stock a wide array of components and deliver them directly to you promptly. We provide components that are universally designed to work with all our Uniplate systems and printers. Every component that we supply can be purchased individually or in bulk, depending on your business needs. Check out our blog, to learn more about the Necessary Components needed to make a number plate.

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We stock an expansive range of PMMA acrylic plates, each one conforming to the BSAU 145e standards. With a vast selection available, our acrylic plates can be used to manufacture any form of number plate. 

Uniplate can also supply PET plates to areas that are outside the UK where the BSAU does not apply.  

We offer reflective sheeting to suit all sizes of our wide number plate range, each sheeting conforming to BSAU 145e standards and ensuring premium quality. 

At Uniplate, our reflective sheeting solutions are suited for any volume of production, designed to suit your business needs. 

At Uniplate, we offer a range of number plate fixings and frames that can be sold either plain or personalised to include your company or brand logo.  

Our full number plate fixing kit includes everything from sticky pads to self-tapping screws. Each component can be customised to include any relevant information necessary to create a bespoke number plate.  

Popular with vintage and classic cars, we offer high-quality aluminium blanks to create stylish aluminium number plates. We stock both pressed reflective and black and silver pressing blanks, offered in oblong or square options.

At Uniplate, we provide a range of printing solutions that include Thermal and Laster printing solutions. When purchasing one of these printers will allow you manufacture your own number plates in different shapes and styles.

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