Acrylic Number Plate Supplier

Uniplate stocks an expansive range of PMMA acrylic plates, all conforming to the BSAU 145e standard. Customers can choose from a selection of different shaped and sized plates that are kept in stock and are available for immediate delivery.

A Leading Supplier of Acrylic Number Plates

We have the capacity at Uniplate to supply an array of acrylic number plate forms, including 4D acrylic number plates. As a leading supplier, we stock blank acrylic number plates in the following formats:

  • Standard
  • Lipped
  • Motorcycle
  • Square
  • Japanese import
  • American import

We can also supply PET plates outside the UK, where BSAU standards do not apply. As well as blank acrylic number plates, we also stock an expansive range of equipment that provides you with the necessary tools to print your own road legal plates. Our range of number plate printers, when combined with our unique software, allows you to manufacture plates for your customers to their exact specifications.

For those looking for something more eye-catching, our 4D acrylic number plates have laser-cut 4D acrylic characters that are produced to identically match our plate printing software, allowing you to make BSAU-compliant 4D number plates with easy application and alignment.

Our Range of Made Up Number Plate Sizes
Clear Acrylic Number Plates

Acrylic Number Plate Orders From Uniplate

For number plate suppliers with a Uniplate account, you can purchase all the acrylics you require either via phone or email. We ship all acrylics on a next day delivery service if ordered before 3pm, making sure that you always have the components you need.

When placing an order with Uniplate, there are three simple steps to follow. For businesses looking to expand their operations and print their own plates, we guarantee high-quality plates from the UK’s most trusted number plate supplier:

  • Step 1: If you’re not already registered with the DVLA, we require registration for your business (unless you are exempt). Once this is done, you can then discuss your needs with one of our experts.
  • Step 2: We can then open up a trade account for you, which can be set up in just a few minutes.
  • Step 3: Once you have an open account, you can purchase any number plate production set-up from us. Alternatively, if you’re just looking for printed plates on a large scale, you can instead order your acrylic number plates from Uniplate, which can then be sent straight to your business or your customers.

Shortened Acrylics

Along with our standard acrylic number plate sizes, we now have an extended range offering shortened acrylic in the standard car plate format.

A standard car acrylic is 20.5 inches long but we can now also offer the following sizes:

  • 18”
  • 16”
  • 14”

All shortened acrylics are fully compliant as they still allow for all the correct spacing and font sizes, but they are suitable for registrations that have fewer characters.

A Range of Sample 4D Plates

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Other Components

All components, equipment or made up plates can be set up as scheduled purchases by calling our sales office or ordering online.

Browse our range of number plate components and equipment, all designed to create the highest quality number plates. From printers and laminators to reflective sheeting and fixings, we supply all the necessary materials that allow you to print and manufacture your own plates.

For more information or advice on our range of acrylic number plates or any other products that we offer, please do not hesitate to complete the form above or call our sales team directly on 01827 310 000.


As the most popular option for a number plate, acrylic number plates are legal as long as they conform with BSAU 145e standards.

We offer a selection of shaped number plates that are in stock and available straight away, as well as custom sizes made bespoke to your specifications. Our most commonly bought acrylic plates are:

  • Standard
  • Motorcycle
  • Square
  • American import
  • Japanese import
  • Lipped