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We at Uniplate provide a range of printing solutions that include Thermal and Laser printing solutions. Purchasing one of these printers will allow you to manufacture your own number plates in different styles and shapes.

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Thermal Printers

Our thermal number plate printers are made at a high quality and suitable for those looking to print their own plates or those wanting to increase their production flow.

Our 4" thermal printer provides a simple and user-friendly solution to creating an efficient oblong number plate production system. The 4” thermal printer enables you to make BSAU-compliant number plates with our easy-to-use Uniplate number plate printing software.

We supply 4" thermal printers that vary from single panel feed or a roll feed system for high-volume businesses. Alternatively, our larger, more proficient 8” thermal printers allow you to print number plates in all shapes and sizes on one single unit.

Our number plate printing solutions allow you to print in your own facility, you will save money in the long run, as you won’t have to pay the additional cost of having them manufactured by a third party, further saving on the cost of replacement plates.

Using our thermal printers will also give you greater flexibility and convenience to suit your needs.

The GoDEX HD830i

The GoDEX HD830i is a premium number plate printer with a maximum print width of 8.57 inches. This allows the HD830i to produce any size plate to an exacting standard. Using thermal transfer technology at 300 DPI, the HD830i is designed for exceptional quality printing of all size number plates.

Its steel case is compact and durable, and it’s designed to operate in a wide range of production environments. The added print width distinguishes it from the competition, as most thermal printers can only print up to 4 inches wide.

Your printing needs will be well met with the GoDEX HD830i thanks to its user-friendly design. The HD830i also features an intuitive colour touch screen that can be used to make printer adjustments without accessing the printer drivers.

Key features:

  • High-quality thermal transfer – 300 DPI
  • Prints all plate sizes
  • Low-cost prints
  • Colour touch screen
  • Online diagnostic tool

The GoDEX G500

The GoDEX G500 is the preferred choice for many outlets and dealerships in the UK, providing high-quality number plates at a budget-friendly price. Its standout features are the media preloading mechanism, guaranteeing precise positioning of each printed number plate and its online diagnostic tool.

With a thermal printing design, the GoDEX G500 boasts exceptional reliability thanks to its minimal moving parts. This feature allows it to endure low temperatures, high humidity, and dusty surroundings with ease.

We aim to provide solutions for businesses to increase their production flow, and with a thermal printer like the GoDEX G500, you can do just that.

Key Features:

  • High-quality thermal transfer – 203 DPI
  • Prints standard oblong car plates
  • Low-cost prints
  • The preloading mechanism ensures correct media placement before printing
  • Online diagnostic tool

Citizen CL - S621

An industry favourite for quite some time due to its reliability and quality print performance. Like most thermal solutions it is relatively cheap to run and can offer a print solution for standard oblong and lipped media.

Key features

  • Low-cost prints
  • Fast print times
  • Prints lipped and standard car plates

Citizen – CLS 700

The CLS 700 is a roll-fed machine rather than the single panel-fed CLS 621. This means that any business doing a large volume of plates can invest in one or two of these printers and print batches directly from a reflective roll.

Key features

  • Roll-fed
  • Fast print times
  • Low-cost prints
  • Purchased as a pair and used with Uniplate software this machine is perfect for large batch printing.

Laser Printer

Our laser printers are perfect for motorcycle garages and car dealerships as they make a great accompaniment to a 4" thermal printer, giving you the ability to produce both oblong and square number plates simultaneously.

Every number plate machine that is supplied by Uniplate is quality tested and set up in-house before they are delivered, ensuring excellent customer service and leaving you with no extra work for when your printer arrives. We are also able to assist remotely during set-up or face-to-face where feasible.

The laser printers are again designed to increase the efficiency of your business and offer you more control over the quality and accuracy of the plates printed. Our number plate printers can be supplied individually or as part of our equipment bundles depending on your current set-up and requirements.

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We offer thermal printers, which are perfect for those looking to print their own plates and want to increase their production flow as well as laser printers. Laser printers are perfect for motorcycles and large garages.

Our number plate printers are manufactured to specifically print number plates. The printers, when combined with our exclusive software, allow the user to create multiple plates at a time, increasing the production flow.

There are a number of ways to produce a number plate. Our advised method is printing via one of our thermal or laser printers directly to the reflective sheeting. All the legal spacing for the registration is done within our number plate printing software which saves time and removes any guesswork.

You may only make your own number plate if you are a DVLA-registered number plate supplier.

To purchase a number plate, you will be required to bring two forms of ID. One will be your proof of entitlement for the vehicle like a V5C and one a form of personal id to verify the identity of the person purchasing the plates.