A Guide to Vintage Number Plates

Classic cars, with their vintage number plates, are a symbol of power and status. They're so shiny that it's hard to look away, even when you know there is more than meets the eye behind these machines.

The beauty lies in how timeless they seem. And with prices reaching seven figures nowadays, those who can afford them will likely never sell their investment because no matter what happens with time or economics, these classics stay beautiful forever. Vintage number plates add further subtle edge to this type of vehicle.

Vintage number plates are the perfect way to make your car look like it belongs in the 20th century. Not only do they fit seamlessly with other older cars on display, but the aluminium finish makes the plate attractive to both collectors and enthusiasts.

The History of Vintage Number Plates

Number plates have been an important part of the UK's history since 1904 after specific legislation was passed in 1903. The idea behind licence plates is to identify a vehicle, just like people are identified with their passports.

The term registration plates may be used in some countries, while other nations like the UK refer specifically to number plates. The purpose of a number plate is to ensure that law enforcement can track down any vehicle, particularly if they are involved in an accident or crime.

However, the law for vintage number plates is different. On January 1st, 2021, cars manufactured after the 1970s were banned from driving with this type of plate. Conversely, vehicles manufactured pre-1980 and categorised in the vintage category are permitted by UK law and the DVLA to drive with this plate, even if they may not have displayed this type of number plate before.

As such, owners of pre-1980 vehicles can drive with a beautiful vintage number plate without the fear of getting stopped.

Because there are many vintage and classic car shows in the UK, a vintage plate can only be purchased if the buyer proves that their car is over 40 years old, by producing the correct documentation.

Black & Silver Aluminium Number Plates with Uniplate written on them | Vintage Number Plates

What Are Vintage Number Plates Made From?

Black and silver number plates, also known as vintage plates, are manufactured from pressed aluminium blanks. The functional properties of aluminium number plates make them highly durable and resistant to impact.

They can also be recycled, which is a major consideration for those concerned with how they will dispose of their vehicle's registration plate once it expires. A major benefit of these lightweight number plates is that they can come in either square or oblong shapes.

Number Plates at Uniplate

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