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Established in 1996, we pride ourselves on our innovation and our reputation as the go-to company in the number plate industry. Our customer focus is ever-evolving, ensuring we always meet your requirements by supplying everything you need.


Uniplate History

Uniplate was established in 1996 by Uniplate South Africa, which is now a part of TÖNNJES International Group, a world leader in secure vehicle identification.

Today, we pride ourselves on being innovative and leading professionals in our industry. At Uniplate, we specialise in number plate printing equipment, leveraging our extensive knowledge to manufacture our own specially designed equipment exclusively for the number plate industry.

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Uniplate Global Network

Global Network

Our production line benefits immensely as we work closely with the manufacturing branches of Uniplate South Africa and TÖNNJES Germany to achieve results. This global synergy enables us to deliver high-quality products and personalised services, tailored to meet your business needs, all while maintaining a commitment to competitive and fair pricing.

At Uniplate, we guarantee everything you need to create your own number plates, without ever compromising on quality.

What We Provide

Even though we’ve been running for nearly 30 years, Uniplate has endured numerous changes. Becoming a part of the TÖNNJES International Group was a major advancement for us, all while continuing to retain our core values at the heart of everything we do: offering a personal feel to our work environment and our customer relationships.

As well as our extensive range of products, including PMMA acrylic plates, printers and other components, we also provide a detailed legislation feed. If this wasn’t enough, we also have a constantly updated and growing information hub, designed for our customers to find the answers to all their questions easily and quickly.

If there is anything that you can't find the answer to, then please don't hesitate to contact us using one of our easy-to-use contact forms, or feel free to contact us via email or telephone.

We are always more than happy to help.


Uniplates Sample 4D Plate

Need some help?

Uniplate is always here to discuss your requirements, give advice and listen to your valued feedback. Please give us a call today if there is anything we can assist with.

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Law and Legislation

All our number plates that are made in-house, as well as all our number plate components that we supply, are manufactured to conform with BSAU 145e standards. Everything we produce and sell is quality checked to guarantee legal safety standards, while also being fully compliant with the necessary laws and regulations. At Uniplate, we strive to provide our customers with peace of mind and quality is always assured.

We have also gained several accreditations that we are proud to have achieved. We are members of B2B Compliance and the BNMA (the British Number Plate Manufacturers Association).

Our certifications also include ISO accreditations 9001 (quality management) and 14001 (environmental management system), guaranteeing an international quality management standard.