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Since 1996, Uniplate has been supplying leading quality number plates and number plate making equipment around the world. We stock a comprehensive range of registration plate equipment including bundles, plate printers, plate laminators and even number plate software.

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We’re proud to be one of the UK’s leading number plate equipment suppliers, and we offer a hand-selected range of the finest equipment on today’s market, including number plate printers, laminators and software.

For a complete suite of number plate business equipment, we can also help you create bespoke product bundles to get your business up and running right away.

Our proprietary number plate software is easy to use and allows you to create BSAU 145e-compliant plates with ease.

Why Choose Us?

We have decades of experience in the manufacturing of number plates as well as the supply of number plate equipment. We understand what makes for quality equipment and plates and apply all of that knowledge to selecting our product range.

An equipment purchase from Uniplate is backed by expert support from a friendly team, and we can even advise you on the right equipment for you based on your specific needs. In addition to machines, we also stock all the consumables you’ll need and our own user-friendly number plate printing software to help you create quality plates every time.

We can cater a bespoke equipment package to suit your needs, handpicked from our range of printers and laminators. Each bundle offers a number of combinations and configurations ensuring that you receive everything you’ll need for your set up.

We provide a range of thermal and laser printers, that allow you to efficiently manufacture your own number plates on-site, in all shapes and sizes.

Our printers work off our unique software that enables you to make legal number plates with ease.

Uniplate can offer manual or motorised laminators for fast accurate lamination. Number plate laminators are required to bond wet-faced PMMA acrylic plates to dry reflective sheeting and vice versa.

Our range of laminators ensures we have something to meet your business needs.

Exclusive to Uniplate, we’ve developed an easy-to-use software which allows you to create your number plates with our fast and reliable interface. Our number plate software will easily create and print your number plate, giving you confidence that all your plates conform to the BSAU 145e standard.

Uniplate stock and supply all associated toners from our wide range of printers. We sell genuine toners and ribbons that ensure the highest quality when it comes to printing and guarantees the longevity as well as the safety of your equipment.

We can also provide spare printer parts should any equipment need maintaining or replacing.

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