Made Up Number plates

At Uniplate, our made up number plates team will customise your plates to your requirements, to the highest standards. We offer a range of made up number plates services. 

Our range includes: 

We can also produce number plates that include flags, or green eco plates to signify zero emission electric vehicles. 

Our aluminium plates are offered in pressed reflective which is suitable for all vehicles, or black and silver which is available to classic cars that were made 40 plus years ago. 

How To Purchase A Made Up Number Plate

If you are a number plate supplier, you can purchase made up number plates by using our contact form or by calling our friendly sales team to further discuss your requirements. We can provide made up number plates for car dealerships, private plate sellers or any other type of business that requires number plates.

We can deliver made up number plates either straight to you or directly to your customers. At Uniplate, we offer a tracked Royal Mail service option on every order, and for bulk orders, we can deliver the next day via courier. A collection service is also available to customers, should it be required.

To purchase made up plates for your personal vehicle, please call our sales office or pay us a visit in person.

Who can benefit from made up plates?

Having registration plates made up for your business is perfect for several purposes:  

  • Selling vehicles – Second hand vehicles often arrive at dealerships with faded, cracked or damaged number plates. Replacing them with a new set can instantly refresh the look of the car and help increase its value to potential buyers. As well as giving a tidier appearance, new plates present the opportunity to purchase lipped plates, which feature an additional space for including your dealership’s details and essentially act as a rolling advertisement for your business.  


  • Private plate companies – If your business sells cherished plates online we can take the headache away and produce plates to send directly to your customers. We fulfil orders for many private plate companies by sending plates out in their name discreetly. 


  • Time or budget restrictions – If you don’t have the time to take on any extra tasks or simply don’t want the initial outlay for equipment, we can do all the work for you. Plates will be made onsite in our factory to your pre-approved spec and sent to your business seamlessly. 
Our Range of Made Up Number Plate Sizes
Uniplates Sample 4D Plates

Get Number Plates Made Up

Getting your company’s registration plates made up couldn’t be easier, just follow our four-step process.  

01 – Request a quote and discuss your requirements 

Just fill out one of our online forms or call 01827 310 000 to request a quote. We will produce a quotation based on the requirements you have given us.  


02 – Open your account  

Once we have provided a quote you are happy with, we can open your account with just a few details required. You must be already registered with the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) unless your business is exempt.  


03 – Artwork proof 

We will produce a digital mock up of your artwork for approval should this be requested. 


04 – Now you can order 

We take orders via email and telephone. We are open 5 days per week 8:30 – 17:30 with shortened hours on Friday from 08:30 – 15:30. 


Need some help?

Uniplate is always here to discuss your requirements, give advice and listen to your valued feedback. Please give us a call today if there is anything we can assist with.

Where did you hear about us?


At Uniplate, we offer tracked Royal Mail service delivery options on every order.

Made up plates are ideal for businesses like car dealerships, private plate sellers or any type of business that requires number plates. These plates come ready-made and can be shipped directly to either you or your customers.

Our range of made up plates includes:

  • Standard acrylic plates
  • Aluminium pressed number plates
  • 4D number plates
  • Green-flagged plates
  • Lipped and shaped variations

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