Number Plate Printers – Which Type Do You Buy?

According to government data, annual registrations in the United Kingdom across all vehicle types averaged 2.88 million a year in the seven years from 2015 to 2021. That's a lot of number plates! Understandably, many showrooms and garages are now looking to install number plate printers on-site to create plates in-house for cost and efficiency.

If you’re thinking of becoming a registered number plate supplier or are looking to upgrade your equipment, you might like to know about our state-of-the-art number plate printing technology.

Thermal number plate printers and laser number plate printers are the two main types of printing technologies used for creating vehicle registration plates in the United Kingdom. Both technologies have their benefits, which should be carefully considered when deciding which to invest in.

Can I Print My Own Number Plates?

Yes, but you must register with the DVLA as a number plate supplier. There are other considerations to make too, such as understanding the latest legislation regarding number plate standards and materials. The latest standard was introduced in September 2021 and is known as BSAU 145e.

It is illegal to create and display number plates that do not conform to the legal standards set out by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). These standards include specific font styles, sizes and spacing for the letters and numbers, as well as mandatory reflective backgrounds. It is also illegal to display any false or misleading information on a number plate.

Thermal Number Plate Printers

For high-volume number plate printing, our 4-inch and 8-inch thermal number plate printers make the job easy and efficient. The main difference between the two is that the 4-inch version is specifically designed to handle standard oblong number plate printing, whereas the 8-inch version can also print square number plates for motorcycles, and other unusual, lipped and oversized plates.

When partnered with our unique software, which is provided for free with our thermal printers, these machines make it easy to create many registrations quickly, from several pre-defined templates. Free software updates will keep your software fully compliant with any future legislation changes too.

Laser Number Plate Printers

Our high-quality laser number plate printers are designed with convenience in mind. Not only do they partner perfectly with our 4-inch thermal printer, allowing you to create both oblong and square shape number plates simultaneously – our expert team will also fully set up your new printer in-house before delivering it to you ready to go.

Because laser printers use toner instead of ink, they produce sharper, clearer and more durable prints. They are also fast, efficient and designed to withstand heavy-duty use and high-volume printing. We stock all the consumables you need to keep your machine in full working order, avoiding any downtime.

What Do I Need to Print Number Plates?

As well as printers and consumables, we stock everything you need to start printing your own number plates. Our expansive range includes the laminators you will need to create finished, fully compliant number plates.



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