Do Number Plate Makers Have To Be Licensed Or Registered?

Yes, it’s essential for number plate makers to be registered with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to adhere to all legal guidelines. It’s of the utmost importance to become a Registered Number Plate Supplier if your business is going to supply plates. Whether you’re a car dealership, repair shop, MOT test centre, a fleet management company or any business that provides vehicles to customers, it’s also important to have the right number plate printer, equipment and software to adhere to all standards. We also understand the importance of providing ongoing support and advice once your purchase has been made so we always make sure we are available to help with any technical hurdles or questions you may have. Some businesses are exempt from registering with the DVLA mainly brand new vehicle sellers and companies making plates for business fleet only.

How To Register as a Number Plate Supplier

If you’re interested in selling or making number plates then you must register with the DVLA. This enables your business to operate under the necessary guidelines and provides you with peace of mind. Once you’ve complied with all the legal obligations of attaining a licence you can begin supplying number plates for your vehicles or getting them made from a licensed manufacturer such as Uniplate.

Benefits of Owning Number Plate Making Equipment

At Uniplate, we provide you with the necessary number plate equipment to easily print from your own business. The primary benefit of convenience cannot be understated, as this means you wouldn’t have to pay a third party for this service. It is a cost-effective means of saving money when you do everything in-house.

Along with our equipment, we provide software which makes creating and printing number plates a breeze. This software is designed to be straightforward for optimal efficiency. We also provide free updates with any changes to local legislation to keep your business legally compliant. We believe in making the process simple and creating plates of the highest quality, so your business can focus on what matters.

Features Provided By Number Plate Printing

Our number plate printers offer high resolution printing through thermal and laser printers. They’re designed to meet the high demands of any business whilst maintaining regulatory standards. There is also our number plate laminator equipped with sturdy features making it suitable for high volume and faster production. Many businesses benefit from the convenience, time saving and cost savings provided by these features. Email us at for a quote or any questions you have.

Made Up Plates for Your Business

We understand the importance of effective time management, which is why at Uniplate we offer made up plates for businesses looking for a manufacturer to supply them with plates. This provides your business with number plates and is particularly useful for companies that have a requirement but not the resources to make in house. Place a call to our expert team if you’d like to place an order, then you can choose whether you want the plates mailed directly to you or your customers. This includes everything from standard acrylic plates to 4D number plates and more.

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For all your needs related to number plate making, software and equipment, please contact us. We’re happy to provide comprehensive services, advice and support for your business. Begin your journey and find out more about how we can supply you with number plate making equipment to help streamline your business.