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Can I walk in and buy number plates?

Yes, you must bring in your vehicle registration certificate V5C (or new keeper supplement V5C/2, certificate of entitlement V750, retention document V778, reminder to get vehicle tax or SORN V11, temporary registration certificate V379, a number plate authorisation certificate with an official DVLA/DVSA V948/EV948) and some form of I.D e.g. driving license or passport.

How long do the plates take to make up?

If a standard oblong pair is required the plates only take around 5-10 minutes to make up. If the plates are special sizes this may take a few minutes longer.

Can I have anything special on my number plates to make them stand out?

Yes, Uniplate can put approved national flags and symbols on your plates as shown below, a border and even 3D digits. These will all make a pair of legal number plates.

Do I have to have your supplier logo on my number plates?

Yes, number plates must always have the supplier logo and postcode with the British Standard reference BSAU145d. this a legal requirement set by the DVLA and British Standard. Any number plates made without the supplier logo and postcode are illegal and can result in a £1000 fine, the car failing an MOT test and the number plate being withdrawn. For more information regarding the display of number plates please follow this link which will take you directly to the DVLA’s webpage – https://www.gov.uk/displaying-number-plates or alternatively refer to our Legislation page.

Can you change the spacing on my number plate?

No, the spacing on your number plate must be the standard legal spacing which is between the letters and the numbers, for example AA67 AAA.

How is the number plate fitted to my vehicle?

Fixing kits can be purchased which include sticky pads and self-tapping caps and screws.

Will you fit my number plates to my car?

Uniplate do not offer a fitting service however you can purchase a fixing kit which will enable you to fit the plates yourself.

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